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Hope & Help

We understand, as few others can.

If you've been affected by someone else's drinking, you have found the right place.

Al-Anon has but one purpose: to help families of alcoholics. We do this by practicing the Twelve Steps, by welcoming and giving comfort to families and loved ones of alcoholics, and by giving understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic.

The Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope, in order to solve their common problems. We believe alcoholism is a family illness, and that changed attitudes can aid recovery.

Anniversaries & Events

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Al-Anon is for ALL people who are affected by friends or loved ones with drinking problems.

Learn how to cope with the challenges of someone else’s drinking.

View Al-Anon’s online meeting finder for local listings of in-person and virtual meetings.

An AFG fellowship for young people affected by someone else’s drinking problems.

Click here if you’d like to contribute online to the local Al-Anon Office.


A place just for teens affected by someone else’s alcoholism.

Alateen, part of the Al-Anon Family Groups, is a fellowship of young Al-Anon members, usually teenagers, whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. Here, young people come together to share experiences, strength and hope with eachother.

Click below to learn more about Alateen and see if it’s right for you.

The Al-Anon Family Groups Mobile App

Now, with just a couple taps in the app, English, Spanish, and French-speaking Al-Anon members and newcomers from around the world will be able to come together for Al-Anon recovery. 

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