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Anniversaries* and Events, Area and District Meetings and Events

*open to the public

There are lots of exciting opportunities to celebrate and have fellowship with other members of Al-Anon.  To find out what is going on in Districts 24, 25, 26 & 27, see the list below. 

This is a listing of all upcoming events in the area, including group anniversary meetings, workshops, Share-A-Day events, and other Al-Anon related events and/or announcements.  Most of these events will have a flyers you can download for further information and for handouts at meetings.  Service opportunities and meeting information can be found under the Service tab.

Submitting Events:

If you would like your group’s anniversary, workshop, service meeting or other Al-Anon related event to be posted on the website, please send information at least 2-3 weeks in advance to info@westchesterputnamalanon.org. We will need a brief written description in a format that we can easily copy to the web page with: date, time, event, title, location, contact information

This description will be linked to a flyer if one is submitted.  Flyers must be submitted as a PDF. JPG  files cannot be used. PDF files can also be readily opened on any device (mobile phone, iPad, laptop, etc).  Thank you! By the way, if you embed this QR code graphic in your flyer, it will link to our web site:

AIS Meetings and Workshops can be found on the 12th Step “Carrying the Message” page HERE
Upcoming Anniversaries & Events (& Flyers)
  • See below for complete anniversary and events list
  • Some listings below include link to individual printable event fliers.
    • If fliers do not open on your browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) then please try a different browser.
  • See Service Tab for time/location of all Service Meetings (e.g., GR, DR, Assembly.)

Anniversaries and Events
NOTE:  All anniversaries are open to the public.

Also note our format change: The list is now in chronological order with the closest in events at the top and further out events at the bottom.



November 28, 2022Town Hall Meeting

On Welcoming Electronic Meetings into our Area

7:30-9:00 PM


June 29 -July 2, 20232023 Al- Anon International Convention with A.A. Participation  


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